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There are many treatment options available to PT. These can be helpful in relieving patients' conditions. This type of therapy can help improve your body's mobility and function to an extreme level.What is the Difference?Although physical therapy and psychotherapy are both hands-on therapies that use movement and touch to improve the health of the body, they have distinct approaches. As you can see, physiotherapy emphasizes manual therapies while physical therapy more heavily relies on exercise. Both can achieve similar goals using different treatment methods.Physical therapy is not the only setting where physiotherapy can be used. Physiotherapy is often a hospital-based offering, showing up in post-operative care and other urgent situations. On the other hand, physical therapy is more often used for non-threatening injuries. A physical therapist will focus on assessing and treating problems like muscle aches, pains, strains, injuries, and chronic movement issues like arthritis.Read The EvidenceThe science behind physiotherapy has been developed. It is an integrative profession that considers the whole person.It is essential that the patient participates in their care by participating in education, empowerment, as well as participation in treatment.There are many times in life that physiotherapy may be beneficial to you. The benefits of physiotherapy include managing sudden injuries, back pain and long-term medical conditions, such as asthma. They also help in preparation for birth or sporting events.

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